Spatial computing

To create services where people interact with what they see, in this moment, you not only need to know where they are, you also need to know what is actually happening around them. A spatial-aware platform that transmits data so fast that it feels like real-time provides this possibility. This is what Nagoon is all about.

Let your staff, visitors or customers communicate and interact with their ever-changing surrounding through your preferred digital media, sensor or device.

Actionable location-aware insights for smarter experiences

With the Nagoon platform you will not only know what is going on in your venues, in this exact moment, at this exact location. You can also convert this knowledge into relevant actions, reactions or interactions at site, between people and their immediate surroundings, instantly.

Nagoon runs in any outdoor and indoor venue. It is cloud-based, platform independent, and saves no personal data. Its easy-to-use interface facilitates ideation processes and speeds up prototyping.


    Value proposition

    Nagoon delivers value to owners of public or private venues:

    • transportations & airports
    • construction sites
    • retail & shopping centres
    • factory premises
    • harbors
    • cultural institutions
    • sports arenas
    • entertainment parks and festivals
    • tourist attractions

    By increasing, optimizing and enabling smarter services at site:

    • people’s safety
    • manufacturing processes
    • navigation
    • accessibility
    • knowledge transfers
    • content distribution

      The Nagoon story

      Nagoon is a R&D startup and SME, founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015. In 2017, we were selected as one of the Nordic countries’ 50 most promising startups. We have participated in the Nordic House of Innovation for startups in Paolo Alto and in the Absolute Pernod Ricard Accelerator Living.Lab.

      The API is tested, deployed and we have several customer-driven pilots ongoing.

      To continuously develop the API, Nagoon participates in seven nationally and EU-funded projects.

      Nagoon is a registered IBM partner.

      Get to know us better

      For more info regarding pricing. piloting, and R&D collaborations, please contact