Expanding Reality

Nagoon is challenging the way we experience the world. Using new and groundbreaking technology, we’ve set out to merge the gap between the physical and digital space.
Expanding reality. One small step at a time.

Transparent Spaces

How can augmented reality help us create a better future? We’re building virtual corridors in physical environments. Allowing knowledge to surface and reveal what happens behind closed doors.

Transparent spaces open up for new possibilities. For new meetings and intelligent encounters, between people who otherwise wouldn’t have met. In this way, virtual entities take control over the physical reality. It may sound crazy. But we’re making it a reality, in a close partnership with the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Escaping reality – within reality.

Good stories make people feel more involved. But as we’re blurring the line between entertainment and reality, this feeling becomes true.

We help telling stories that aren’t linear but play out before our eyes. Like in gaming, where players are able to direct their own reality, in environments where they themselves set the rules. Syncing multiple teams and potentially hundreds of people – in real time. By reshaping reality in gaming and entertainment, we’re able to give people the chance to see the world with new eyes. In other words: To escape reality within reality.

Virtuosos in a new reality.

Nagoon consists of a dedicated team of experts. All with an extensive experience of virtual and augmented reality – spanning over 15 years back in time.

The digital world follow different rules. It’s a place where we can erase all the geographical constraints that restrict us – expanding the physical space. Without limitations we can travel seamlessly. From a small point on the map, crossing continents to infinity. It’s a digital journey through time and space that has already begun. The renowned artist duo Lundahl & Seitl, are using nagoon to explore the relationship to the Solar System.

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