Spatial computing in real time

Nagoon is a spatial-aware platform that enables real-time interactions in your venues.
Use it to let your customers interact both with each other and the real world through immersive location-based experiences.

Nagoon takes care of the heavy lifting and lets you focus on creating new business opportunties. Please contact us for a freemium account and try it out!

Nagoon makes AR smarter

We know where your customers and resources are;
what surrounds them;
what they are looking at;
and where they are heading.

All in real time.

Use this data to create smarter sound & visual AR experiences as well as
dynamic information services and connect them to the immediate environment:
indoors, outdoors, locally, and globally.


How it works: Nagoon integrates with your existing digital ecosystem

  1. Identify what service or problem you wish to address
  2. Choose the venue that you want to make interactive for your narrative
  3. Add relevant open or proprietary data
  4. Plug the API into your web or app
  5. Choose your preferred channel to communicate with your customers: website, app, monitor, headphone etc.
  6. Provide real time AR experiences


Make climate-friendly choices at the time of purchase

The Nagoon platform contributes to locaition-aware real-time interactions in several ongoing pilots. One of them is Carbon Neutral Digestive Initiative (CANDI) in collaboration with Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) and the food store Urban deli. In this project, Nagoon enables real-time information services in the exact moment of the purchase within the venues of the food store. The goal is to make an app that lets customers make conscious, sustainable and updated choices based on product information about carbon dioxide emissions. The solution will as well suggest alternative more sustainable products to the customer.

The Nagoon story

The Nagoon API has been developed during the last four years by a dedicated team of developers and business planners. Before that, we have some 20 years experience of game development, natural language research and virtual and augmented reality.

Get to know us better

If you are a developer, pleaes contact us and we will set up a SaaS freemium subscription for you to try the API.
If you represent an enterprise, we can elaborate together on possible solutions.
If you represent research, we are always interested in connecting.