Instant Spatial Interactions As A Service

Nagoon is a  spatial-aware platform that makes your indoor and outdoor venues smarter. It enables people to interact with each other and / or with objects in their immediate surroundings. The platform is cloud-based, GDPR compliant and platform independent. Its easy-to-use interface facilitates ideation processes and speeds up prototyping.

    Smarter venues with Nagoon

    The Nagoon platform addresses the most frequent problems with today’s Augmented Reality solutions.

    • Nagoon enables instant processing of spatial-aware data for smarter and more relevant interactions, without any need for saving personal data.
    • Nagoon lets you know what is going on right now in your venues, where people and objects are, and whereto they are heading.
    • Nagoon is scaleable to any indoor or outdoor venue, locally and globally.


    Crucial piece of puzzle to service industries

    Any owner of a public or private venue can integrate the Nagoon platform to enable smarter services and experiences. From construction sites, factory premises, and harbors, to public transportation, museums, entertainment parks, shopping malls and airports.

    Examples of use cases:

    • Have an overview of ongoing activity (people/objects) in outdoor & indoor venues
    • Improve people’s safety in complex environments
    • Develop more sustainable and stable manufacturing processes
    • Enable location-based interactions between people and their surroundings via audio or visual Augmented Reality
    • Create smarter, smoother and relevant audioguides indoors/outdoors
    • Enable landmark-based navigation by natural language
    • Provide contextual data or experiences to nudge customer behaviors

    The Nagoon story

    Nagoon is a R&D startup, founded in 2014, Stockholm, Sweden. The platform has been developed during the last four years by a dedicated team of developers and business planners.

    Nagoon has been selected as one of the Nordic countries’ 50 most promising startups, and also participated in the Nordic House of Innovation for startups in Paolo Alto.

    Presently, Nagoon participates in the Absolut startup accelerator Living.lab, gets support from the WSP Growspark, and is a registered IBM partner.

    Get to know us better

    If you are a developer, pleaes contact us and we will set up a SaaS freemium subscription for you to try the API.
    If you represent an enterprise, we can elaborate together on possible solutions.
    If you represent research, we are always interested in connecting.